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6 Tips for a Productive Home Office

Updated: May 1

When you think of being productive at home you might find it nearly impossible to get work done. There may be too many distractions to work from your dining table and trying to commute to a coffee shop or library just doesn’t cut it most days. Trust me, I’ve been there! 

With the recent update of NJA Interiors’ HQ, I felt inspired to share with you some of the key tips I kept in mind as I designed a productive workspace in my home.

6 Tips for a Productive Home Office

1. Dedicated Workspace:

Designate a specific area in your home for work. Ideally, it should be a separate room, but if that's not possible, choose a quiet and comfortable corner.

NJA Interiors' new headquarters is 96 sq. ft-- small but packs a punch! Don't let the size of the space discourage you.

2. Ergonomic Furniture:

Invest in ergonomic furniture, including a comfortable chair and a functional desk. Proper ergonomics can enhance your comfort and reduce the risk of strain or discomfort. 

In the market for a standing desk? You can find my desk here!

3. Natural Lighting:

Position your workspace near a window to maximize natural light. Natural light has numerous benefits, such as reducing eye strain and boosting mood and energy levels. I LOVE having a window that pours sunlight into my space during the day.

4. Task Lighting:

This is a must! Supplement natural light with task lighting to illuminate your workspace effectively. Adjustable desk lamps are a great addition to control the direction and intensity of light. The wall sconce above my desk is on a swivel arm which makes it easy to move depending on what task I’m working on. The wall sconce I have is no longer available, but there are other great options like it at Target and online!

picture of teal metal shelving unit holding magazines, wicker baskets, design books and other decor.
Lighting by Threshold

5. Organized Workspace:

As the saying says, cluttered space, cluttered mind! Keep your workspace organized and clutter-free. Storage solutions like shelves, drawers, and organizers are great for maintaining a tidy environment.

Earlier this year, I did a little ASMR Reel on Instagram showing how I organized my desk drawers if you need inspiration. Here's a preview:

6. Effective Storage:

Invest in storage solutions that fit your needs. Use file cabinets, bookcases, storage boxes, and baskets to keep materials organized. In our office, we use a blend of all of these options!

There's an Instagram Reel showing how I styled my shelving storage generously gifted by AR Shelving.

picture of teal metal shelving unit holding magazines, wicker baskets, design books and other decor.
Shelving by AR Shelving

By integrating elements of ergonomic design, ample natural lighting, and effective organization, your home office can become a haven of productivity and creativity. Whether you're living in the city or the suburbs, let your workspace reflect the essence of luxury and sophistication, inspiring greatness with every detail.


Ready to create a home office that maximizes your productivity and inspires you?

Book a Discovery Call today!

anpil lanmou (lots of love),

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