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Elevate Your Coffee Table with NJA Interiors

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Today we're diving into the art of coffee table styling. I purchased my oversized coffee table when I moved into my apartment 10 months ago. Would you believe it took me that long to dress it up?! I am a firm believer that your home should support how you and your family live. So naturally, I had to assess how I wanted to use the space which would dictate how I use my coffee table. What’s the point of having a beautiful coffee table filled with items you never use? That’s not practical. 

Your coffee table is a canvas that should reflect your unique style and personality, no matter its size. Use these tips to add a touch of magic to your living space.


1.Assess How You Live

Let's ensure your coffee table not only looks stunning but also serves a practical purpose that aligns with your lifestyle. Are you a family that enjoys board games? Are you a book lover who needs ample storage for your favorite reads? Or perhaps you love hosting gatherings and need a surface that can easily accommodate drinks and snacks? At my house, we enjoy puzzles and board games.

2. Add Personal Touches

Showcase who you are with mementos and cherished items that hold sentimental value. Whether it's treasures, travel keepsakes, or family heirlooms, these pieces add character and warmth to your space. Pair them with accents for a curated look that reflects your individuality. Personal touches for me are my favorite large format books. Currently, on my coffee table, I’ve displayed a book about Haitian interiors, a book about Haitian photography, a book about Caribbean-style homes, and a book about African textiles. All of these serve as a constant source of inspiration for me on a daily basis.

3. A Touch of Green

Bring a touch of nature indoors by introducing some greenery into the mix. Having plants doesn't just clean the air; they also add a splash of color and life to your surroundings. Choose low-maintenance plants, in pots or terrariums, to introduce a hint of green without crowding your tabletop. What’s not to love about fresh florals? I love purchasing mine from the farmers market and Trader Joe’s.

4. Balance & Proportion

It's all about finding balance, so consider the proportions. Play with different heights and arrangements with both odd-numbered groupings and symmetry. I enjoy using vases of different heights and sizes.

5. Add Textural Appeal

Mix things up with materials like wood, metal, ceramics, and crystals to bring depth and intrigue. Incorporate tactile elements such as baskets or textured coasters for that inviting feel. I added some crystals and a woven catchall basket for some visual interest.


Tailor your coffee table decor to meet your functional needs. With thoughtful consideration, your coffee table will become more than just a design statement—it'll be a seamless extension of your lifestyle. Ready to add boldness and elegance to your home’s design? Contact us today!

anpil lanmou (lots of love),

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