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the nja way

We believe in living and working from a place of gratitude, kindness, and joy.

Our deeply held belief that we’re part of something larger than ourselves informs our every attitude and action. Practicing our craft and serving our clients to the best of our abilities is our way of saying ‘thank you’ for the talents, skills, knowledge, and resources we’ve been given.

Advocating for you is just as important as designing your spaces.

Embarking on a design project of any size can be a little scary and overwhelming - especially if you know you simply don’t have the time to deal with any problems that . You need a partner who’s as invested in your project as you are to go to bat for you, keeping your project moving forward and making sure your priorities are represented accurately to everyone involved. We see this as an equally important role for us to play as being the creative idea people, and we’re equally seasoned in both areas of expertise.

Our aesthetic is best described as ‘curated eclectic’

” That’s exactly how we approach designing your spaces. We cherry pick the best parts of the styles and eras you love, as well as items that are meaningful to you and bring them together in a unified way, creating something all your own.

We believe that one of the most loving things we can do for ourselves and our families is to create a home that lets us feel proud of who we are.

Our homes have such profound effects on us. Home isn’t just the place where we’re meant to feel safe and sheltered; it’s also the place that reflects, represents, and reveals how we view ourselves. Just as displaying a child’s artwork in the classroom or at home has been proven to boost their self-confidence and sense of worth, having a home that showcases our personality, our heritage, our accomplishments, and our interests gives us a sense of self-worth and belonging - two human needs as basic and foundational as our need for food and shelter. We believe creating an environment that provides for those needs and it’s exactly what we help our clients do. Giving our clients homes that can be used as tools to teach their children to be proud of who they are - well, that fills our souls like nothing else.



Principal designer, founder, and CEO of NJA Interiors, Naïka Andre is a lover of sustainable fashion, curator of antiques, and world traveler. Her design journey kicked off in high school with an internship at a local design firm and continued with her earning a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design. After graduating, Naïka answered her heart’s call to travel and explore other cultures by taking a short-term position with a design firm in India. This experience introduced her to new people, new architecture, and new ideas, as well as design concepts that laid the foundation for her uncommon aesthetic. After returning to the US, she further honed her skills working for over a decade with talented designers in luxury residential firms in New York City and Connecticut.

Today, under the NJA Interiors moniker, Naïka approaches every client’s project as an opportunity to discover (and tell) their unique story. She works to form meaningful connections with her clients, knowing that understanding them and how they live in a deep way is the key to achieving spaces that feel personal and authentic to them and that function ideally for how they live. 


Despite her over 15 years of experience in the industry, design isn’t Naïka’s only area of expertise. She’s also a skilled antiques hound and loves digging up amazing vintage finds (bonus points if it’s brass, but double bonus points if it’s gold barware!). At one point, she even worked in an antiques warehouse frequented by movie set designers and public figures like Tommy Hilfiger and Diana Ross.


Naïka’s love affair with travel was born from summers spent in her birthplace, Montreal, a cultural melting pot and the perfect canvas for her vibrant Haitian heritage. The creative spirit of Haitian artisans, painters, and wood carvers, have a profound effect on her and continue to inspire Naïka’s designs today. 

A design force to be reckoned with, Naïka’s colorful, edgy work has been editorialized in DominMagazine, Good HouseKeeping, Apartment Therapy and more.. 

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