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Summer 2021

Hey Friends,

I hope you're enjoying your summer! It’s hard to believe it's August already! My highlights thus far have been getting back to a few outdoor activities I love; gardening, museums visits and short road trips.

My recent trip will hopefully inspire you to book a getaway to the Berkshires asap! After visiting The Kaleidoscope Project showhouse in June, I booked a stay at the beautifully designed Cornell Inn, a bed and breakfast in Lenox, MA. The Inn was transformed by twenty-three BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) designers for the permanent enjoyment of the Inn’s guests. A designer showhouse is when a group of designers donate their time and talents to renovate a home (a different designer for each room). Unlike common design showhouse practice, where the laborious work is eventually wiped away, these spaces were designed for the long haul. The proceeds from the event will fund scholarships for youths of color interested in pursuing a career in the arts and design industry.

My experience at the Cornell Inn was phenomenal. Each space was designed with one central theme in mind: rest, reflection, and rejuvenation! Would you agree that there’s nothing like a hotel and home experience that successfully checks off all these boxes? You deserve a personal retreat in the comfort of your own home! We know the exact team to help you execute this! Whether you’re considering a much needed home refresh or you have a friend in mind– we’d love to help! Give us a call.

anpil lanmou; Haitian Kreyol for lots of love,

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