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Hi friend,

As a designer, I have the privilege of working with clients who have unique and diverse needs. One recent project that stands out was a bedroom makeover In Bloomfield, NJ for a newly-single previous client of mine.

She’s a high-level executive and a mother of three. She runs a tight ship, handling her demanding job and her children's activities with remarkable efficiency. I’m in awe of how she manages everything!

I’d previously helped her design her family room and dining room, but after her divorce, she craved a space that felt more like her own personal retreat, a space where she could unwind, relax, and feel empowered. She approached me with the request to help her start over from scratch with the primary bedroom’s design, and I was inspired to create a luxurious and feminine space that would cater to her current needs.

Setting A Strong Yet Feminine Tone With Color

We wanted the overall aura of the room to exude femininity, which would symbolize her new life after divorce and her fresh start. It was important to design this as a space that would make her feel empowered as a strong, capable woman who was also able to lean into her femininity.

To do that while also creating a grand and luxurious ambiance, we focused on a color palette of black, grays, and soft beiges, with hints of blush for a feminine touch.


In terms of paint, my client longed for a moody look and we went for it! Using the color Greige from Clare Paint–an amazing company founded by Nicole Gibbons, a Black interior designer, which offers a small curation of fresh and beautiful colors with great coverage–we painted the walls the same color as the ceiling, creating a cozy, almost cocooning effect.


Furnishings + Lighting Fit For A Queen

We kicked off the transformation by removing all the existing items that had been chosen by her ex, and replacing them with pieces that better suit her current solo tastes. To meet the needs of this project, we partnered with vendors who specialize in making elegant, luxurious products. Note how the new, over-scale headboard we chose adds a sense of grandeur to the space. We changed the orientation of the space, placing the bed on another wall so the room would feel like a completely different space right off the bat. One of my client’s key requirements in this redesign was that the bed have an adjustable base, so she could easily take calls from the comfort of her bed.


Naturally, I accommodated this request, and to complement this, we also added beautiful swivel arm sconces over the nightstands to provide both functionality and style, allowing her to adjust the position of the lights as needed based on her activities.


Reading Nook

Another important element was a reading corner where she could spend time reading her Bible, reflecting, journaling, or just enjoying a cup of tea. We also incorporated an ottoman and an extra side chair for additional seating and comfort in the space.

Temperature Control

Temperature control was a bit of a challenge in the room, as it tended to get hot. In addition to central air conditioning, she requested a ceiling fan–but we wanted to find one that was elegant and stylish.


We found a beautiful flower-shaped design with lighting in each petal and a fan in the center, providing both functionality and aesthetics. Win-win!


As with any design project, a few challenges arose here, but we approached them as we always do: With solutions and transparency. Our client appreciated that we never made her feel responsible for any issues that came up, and that our focus was always on providing solutions and ensuring that the end result met her expectations. We worked diligently to resolve them on her behalf and the final bedroom makeover achieved our client's vision of a luxurious and feminine retreat that fosters romance and makes her feel empowered.

We’re currently working on her office, which I’m excited to share with you in the future. I feel so fortunate to be able to grow with my client’s families. It’s truly a privilege and it’s a big part of why I love doing what I do!

If you’d like us to help you create a sanctuary-like bedroom

(or any other space in your home), reach out to me!

anpil lanmou (lots of love),

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